“Our last few days with my wife were surrounded by friends, family, music, prayers, caring nurses that was truly a spiritual experience.” Randy in Kelowna recently wrote us a beautiful letter about his wife, Rhoda, who passed away last fall after an 18-month battle with cancer. He described the incredible palliative care support that he… Read More

Reprinted with permission from the May/Jun 2016 issue of Faith Today. We are immersed in a vigorous debate in Canada about how we respond to the pain and suffering of our neighbours, and how we collectively care for people who are walking, as Psalm 23 puts it, in the shadow of death. We have made… Read More

“We are honestly surprised that we have not heard more feedback from constituents on this issue, since a parliamentary report on this very subject was released earlier this week.” This statement came from an MP’s office, in response to an email from a constituent about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Right now, the federal government is… Read More

The Supreme Court decided Canada’s laws on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia need changing, and now it’s time for Parliament to weigh in – but will our parliamentarians have the time they need? I was in the Supreme Court yesterday (January 11, 2016), when the federal government made its pitch to keep the old laws in… Read More

We don’t allow children to drive, vote or drink alcohol before certain legal ages, not because we want to arbitrarily restrict the actions of young people, but because it has long been accepted that there are developmental considerations to our ability to handle certain responsibilities. Yes, much of the human brain is fully developed by… Read More

I was in a meeting the other day when someone argued the Supreme Court’s decision to allow assisted suicide in certain circumstances was the “law of the land,” and we have no choice but to make it available. Actually there are several options the Federal Government could pursue in response to the ruling in the… Read More

Assisted Suicide

More on this issue, including video, at theEFC.ca/carter The Supreme Court ruled February 6 that the prohibition against physician-assisted suicide is unconstitutional in certain circumstances and has given Parliament 12 months to respond. As the definition of “physician-assisted death” includes the provision or administration of medication that intentionally brings about a person’s death, both assisted… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 4 November 2014. Learn more on this issue at theEFC.ca/TWUlaw One of the reasons Canada has our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is to protect minority rights from the changing opinions of the majority. The recent reversal by the Law Society of B.C., which now refuses to… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 21 October 2014 at theEFC.ca/6th Joseph Arvay, lawyer for those trying to decriminalize assisted suicide and euthanasia, began his arguments before the Supreme Court in the recent Carter case saying that two groups, churches and disability advocates, are the ones paralyzing Parliament and preventing a reconsideration of… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 30 September 2014 at theEFC.ca/PrayerandState. Available also as a printer-friendly PDF. Should prayer before city council meetings be unconstitutional? That is the issue coming before the Supreme Court of Canada in October. The question is not whether a prayer must be offered but whether a public, group… Read More