Reprinted with permission from the Nov/Dec issue of the EFC magazine Faith Today. Updated 30 November 2016. There is a majestic mountain range stretching 300 miles along southeastern British Columbia. It is stunning – a Canadian paradise of glaciers, meadows, lakes and peaks that reach to the skies. Everyone agrees it is beautiful. Everyone does… Read More

Assisted Suicide

More on this issue, including video, at The Supreme Court ruled February 6 that the prohibition against physician-assisted suicide is unconstitutional in certain circumstances and has given Parliament 12 months to respond. As the definition of “physician-assisted death” includes the provision or administration of medication that intentionally brings about a person’s death, both assisted… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 21 October 2014 at Joseph Arvay, lawyer for those trying to decriminalize assisted suicide and euthanasia, began his arguments before the Supreme Court in the recent Carter case saying that two groups, churches and disability advocates, are the ones paralyzing Parliament and preventing a reconsideration of… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 30 September 2014 at Available also as a printer-friendly PDF. Should prayer before city council meetings be unconstitutional? That is the issue coming before the Supreme Court of Canada in October. The question is not whether a prayer must be offered but whether a public, group… Read More

Guest Post: Geoffrey Trotter, Counsel for the EFC in the Carter v. Canada case. Article was originally published in Take Five. While some have characterized the majority decision in Carter as a narrow application of stare decisis to avoid dealing with the merits, a closer look reveals an important contemporary appellate endorsement of the underlying… Read More

By Don Hutchinson Clayton Ruby’s personal crusade against a Canadian Christian university establishing a law school has resulted in marketing his opinion in four published newspaper pieces (National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Vancouver Province). In addition, Clayton and I debated the issue on CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi, which I wrote about in… Read More