The Supreme Court decided Canada’s laws on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia need changing, and now it’s time for Parliament to weigh in – but will our parliamentarians have the time they need? I was in the Supreme Court yesterday (January 11, 2016), when the federal government made its pitch to keep the old laws in… Read More

We don’t allow children to drive, vote or drink alcohol before certain legal ages, not because we want to arbitrarily restrict the actions of young people, but because it has long been accepted that there are developmental considerations to our ability to handle certain responsibilities. Yes, much of the human brain is fully developed by… Read More

I was in a meeting the other day when someone argued the Supreme Court’s decision to allow assisted suicide in certain circumstances was the “law of the land,” and we have no choice but to make it available. Actually there are several options the Federal Government could pursue in response to the ruling in the… Read More

La version en français suivra. English version originally published in Canada Watch (Oct/Nov 2015). Re-posted with permission. Thanks to our donors, the EFC is uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus. In fact, that’s our new mission statement. The editors at Canada Watch spoke with EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger to understand… Read More

By Pierre Bergeron, the EFC’s Quebec director. Adapted with permission from a 2 October 2015 post on his personal blog (aussi disponible en français). On October 1, I attended a historic event that demonstrated the power and potential of partnerships. Fifteen leaders of evangelical denominations signed a code of conduct that promotes collaboration and respect,… Read More

Two recent EFC letters underscore how Canadian evangelical churches welcome refugees of all faiths. Churches related to the EFC’s Middle East Resettlement Initiative are “open to sponsoring anyone in need, regardless of the refugee’s religious beliefs or affiliation. As Christians, we are called in both the Old and New Testaments to welcome the stranger and,… Read More

By Harold Jantz, guest blogger Can Canada accept 200,000 refugees from the many thousands now flowing into Europe? That’s a number that’s been suggested by some. It certainly can. Our history shows we’ve been generous in the past and there’s every reason to be as hospitable again. During the post-war years from 1946 to 1952,… Read More

Originally published in Faith Today (Sep/Oct 2015) as “Someone is looking for your vote.” With summer holidays behind us, it’s impossible to miss we’re in a federal election campaign. News coverage, conversations with family, friends and neighbours, lawn signs, visits from those wanting our vote – all prompt us to consider the future of Canada… Read More