The EFC just made a four-page submission to the standing parliamentary Committee on the Status of Women, which is studying violence against girls and young women in Canada. Over the last several years, as we have researched, consulted and networked broadly on prostitution and human trafficking, we realized that these issues are part of a… Read More

Reprinted with permission from the Sep/Oct issue of Faith Today. Well, that didn’t take long. Weeks after the government passed its law on assisted suicide, a legal challenge has already been launched to try to widen its availability. Currently, hastened death is only legal for people whose deaths are “reasonably foreseeable,” which basically means terminally… Read More

→anglais/English Publié à l’origine comme «Do No Harm» dans le numéro de juillet/août 2016 de Faith Today. Réédité par permission. Traduction par François Godbout (Traductions Intersect Translations). Imaginez avoir, depuis votre enfance, une passion pour aider les gens à guérir – un don, pourrait-on dire, pour guérir.  Vous êtes fasciné par la médecine et le… Read More

→français/French Originally published as “Do No Harm” in the Jul/Aug 2016 issue of Faith Today. Republished by permission. Imagine growing up with a passion for helping people get well – a gift of healing, some might call it. You are fascinated by medicine and helping people live well. We all know someone like that –… Read More

Now that the law has changed, people in our communities are asking for assisted death. Although the federal government hasn’t put in place regulations on collecting the statistics yet, the media reports that in Quebec there have been about 12 assisted deaths per month since provincial legislation was passed last December. Canada truly has crossed… Read More

This Canada Day, let’s thank God for the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy living in this great country. Let’s pray for our leaders, that God will give them wisdom for the decisions they make. And let’s commit to being a compassionate nation, caring for those amongst us who are vulnerable or in need. May our… Read More

“Our last few days with my wife were surrounded by friends, family, music, prayers, caring nurses that was truly a spiritual experience.” Randy in Kelowna recently wrote us a beautiful letter about his wife, Rhoda, who passed away last fall after an 18-month battle with cancer. He described the incredible palliative care support that he… Read More

Reprinted with permission from the May/Jun 2016 issue of Faith Today. We are immersed in a vigorous debate in Canada about how we respond to the pain and suffering of our neighbours, and how we collectively care for people who are walking, as Psalm 23 puts it, in the shadow of death. We have made… Read More

“We are honestly surprised that we have not heard more feedback from constituents on this issue, since a parliamentary report on this very subject was released earlier this week.” This statement came from an MP’s office, in response to an email from a constituent about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Right now, the federal government is… Read More

The EFC calls on Evangelicals across Canada to unite in prayer with our sisters and brothers in Europe in the wake of today’s terrorist attacks in Brussels. The following is a call to prayer issued today by the European Evangelical Alliance. What does one say when faced with such sad news from Brussels today? Should there be many words? They… Read More