Two recent EFC letters underscore how Canadian evangelical churches welcome refugees of all faiths.

A Supportive Hand

Loving our neighbours. Photo:

Churches related to the EFC’s Middle East Resettlement Initiative are “open to sponsoring anyone in need, regardless of the refugee’s religious beliefs or affiliation. As Christians, we are called in both the Old and New Testaments to welcome the stranger and, as an expression of our love for God, to love our neighbours.”

Canadians “should not be surprised that the majority of privately sponsored refuges are settled by churches…. The challenge of the private sponsorship system is identifying prospective refugees; most are located through direct connections, whether family or church. This is the way the majority of refuges are settled in Canada. Any disproportion between Muslim and other refugees settled by churches is not due to bias but as a result of established connections. Churches in Canada stand ready to settle whomever is in need of protection.”

Learn more about the EFC’s Middle East Resettlement Initiative. Your church can still participate!

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