Less than a week before the U.S. presidential election, the presidents of EFC affiliate institutions met in Mississauga for the annual Presidents Day gathering. One of the speakers was Dr. Lee Beach, author of The Church in Exile: Living in Hope After Christendom (Intervarsity Press, 2015). He asked, “As believers, how do we maintain our… Read More

EFC President Bruce Clemenger reflects on the difference between calling for justice and remaining non-partisan. The debate over whether evangelical leaders should endorse Donald Trump became more intense with the release of a 2005 video containing comments by the U.S. presidential nominee about making sexual advances toward married women and kissing and groping women without… Read More

At the recent United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants in New York, many participants applauded Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis, especially when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau co-hosted a leaders’ summit. Canada seems to have become, at least among UN leaders, something of a celebrated example of refugee sponsorship. LATEST NUMBERS As of… Read More

La version en français suivra. English version originally published in Canada Watch (Oct/Nov 2015). Re-posted with permission. Thanks to our donors, the EFC is uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus. In fact, that’s our new mission statement. The editors at Canada Watch spoke with EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger to understand… Read More

More on this issue at theEFC.ca/TWUlaw In a disappointing decision, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently ruled that a refusal to accredit Trinity Western University’s (TWU) proposed law school in Ontario was reasonable and should not be overturned – even though the court found the original refusal did interfere with TWU’s religious freedom. TWU… Read More

Guest Blogger: Aileen Van Ginkel In her book, The Armageddon Factor, Marci McDonald states that Canadians need to wake up to the menacing presence of Evangelical Christians in Canada. McDonald states that “theirs is a dark and dangerous vision, one that brooks no dissent and requires the dismantling of key democratic institutions.” The Evangelical Fellowship… Read More