It’s two weeks ago now that we were in the Supreme Court of Canada presenting argument on the need for the assessment of potentially hateful behaviour to be about more than hurt feelings; and that criticisms of behaviour are not attacks against the person. You can find my comments from that day here. During the… Read More

EFC Legal Counsel Don Hutchinson and Faye Sonier discuss the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission v. William Whatcott case which will be heard at the Supreme Court of Canada on October 12, 2011. The EFC has received intervener status in this case and has filed its written arguments (factum). This case will address various freedom of… Read More

The last year or so has provided witness to disappointing behaviour by student unions and university administrations across our free and democratic nation. They have chosen to deny freedom of expression rights to their pro-life students. A few weeks ago, at McGill University, the Student Society of McGill University passed a motion to censure a… Read More