EFC President Bruce Clemenger reflects on the difference between calling for justice and remaining non-partisan. The debate over whether evangelical leaders should endorse Donald Trump became more intense with the release of a 2005 video containing comments by the U.S. presidential nominee about making sexual advances toward married women and kissing and groping women without… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 30 September 2014 at theEFC.ca/PrayerandState. Available also as a printer-friendly PDF. Should prayer before city council meetings be unconstitutional? That is the issue coming before the Supreme Court of Canada in October. The question is not whether a prayer must be offered but whether a public, group… Read More

What does the Supreme Court decision in the Whatcott case mean for religious communication? This article was originally published in Faith Today, May/June 2013 By Don Hutchinson Several years ago, there was an urban legend circulating that a pastor was convicted and imprisoned by a human rights commission for his comments on “sin” in a… Read More

By Don Hutchinson Wednesday, February 27, 2013 was a “red letter” day for Canadian Christians. Red letter has two variant meanings, both of which might be considered applicable. The “red letter” concept originates with the decorative medieval manuscripts of the Bible that often started the initial words of select Bible passages with ornate letters. The… Read More

By Don Hutchinson By now, you’ve likely seen the video of the street preacher being asked by police to move along after setting up on a street corner in Toronto during that city’s Annual Pride Parade (formerly the Gay Pride Parade), which was held on July 1 of this year.  If not, there’s a link… Read More

Nancy Pynch-WorthylakeSuperintendantSouth Shore Regional School Board Dear Ms. Pynch-Worthylake, According to a recent article in The Chronicle Herald (“School board going to higher power”, May 3, 12), you are currently seeking the opinion of a human rights expert regarding student William Swinimer’s T-shirt.  Mr. Swinimer’s T-shirt reads: “Life is wasted without Jesus.” As Canadian lawyers… Read More