What does the Supreme Court decision in the Whatcott case mean for religious communication? This article was originally published in Faith Today, May/June 2013 By Don Hutchinson Several years ago, there was an urban legend circulating that a pastor was convicted and imprisoned by a human rights commission for his comments on “sin” in a… Read More

We can contribute to a better Canada by patiently speaking the truth. This article was originally published in Faith Today, March/April 2013. By Don Hutchinson Canadians are told in the media – almost daily it seems – that Canada is no longer Christian, Canada is less religious, Canada is secular, and Canada has no place… Read More

By Don Hutchinson Wednesday, February 27, 2013 was a “red letter” day for Canadian Christians. Red letter has two variant meanings, both of which might be considered applicable. The “red letter” concept originates with the decorative medieval manuscripts of the Bible that often started the initial words of select Bible passages with ornate letters. The… Read More

I’m a Canadian Evangelical Christian who has gay family members and friends. Normally, that’s no big deal or any kind of badge of honour. However, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, has publicly declared on more than one occasion in recent days that my beliefs are “un-Canadian.” On that point… Read More

By Don Hutchinson The Globe and Mail’s Canada funds anti-gay group’s work in homophobic Uganda was quickly renamed “Fantino orders review of funding for anti-gay group working in homophobic Uganda” after the story was picked up by the CBC and Minister Fantino hastily responded on Twitter, “I have asked to review this organization before further… Read More

By Don Hutchinson As originally published in the National Post, January 23, 2013. Trinity Western University’s plan to add a law school to its Langley B.C. campus has sparked a firestorm of misunderstanding about religious freedom in Canada. The deans of Canada’s existing law schools have contributed to the confusion by objecting to the new… Read More

By Don Hutchinson “People who are ruled by their desires think only of themselves.” Thinking about some of the headline news stories of the past few days, I found myself reflecting on this translation of these words penned by Paul of Tarsus in a letter he wrote to friends in Rome nearly two thousand years… Read More

By Anita Levesque When I first started working on the issue of International Religious Freedom I had no idea how it would impact my life personally. Before this, I – perhaps like many Christians – heard occasionally about the struggles of believers in areas of the world where religious freedom was curtailed. It’s true that… Read More

Originally published in Faith Today, November/December 2012 By Don Hutchinson The season of Advent is soon upon us. In a matter of weeks Christians worldwide will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Being from the true north strong and free, I was raised with snow, a tree and gifts as key to my celebration. My… Read More