Guest Post by Albertos Polizogopoulos                                                                     Trinity Western University’s bid for a Christian law school is again in the news. TWU’s proposal to create a law school was approved by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada in December. The British Columbia government then granted TWU permission to offer law degrees. Unhappy with these decisions,… Read More

By Don Hutchinson Clayton Ruby’s personal crusade against a Canadian Christian university establishing a law school has resulted in marketing his opinion in four published newspaper pieces (National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Vancouver Province). In addition, Clayton and I debated the issue on CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi, which I wrote about in… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 16 September 2013 at The Premier and other representatives of the Government of Quebec have asserted that prohibiting civil servants in Quebec from wearing religious symbols or attire is neutral. The claim is that such a ban treats all equally and therefore places all on an… Read More

OTTAWA – Yesterday, the Quebec government released its proposal for a Charter of Quebec Values, which will severely limit religious accommodation and expression in the province, should it become law. The proposal includes such measures as banning the wearing of religious attire by public officials including large Christian crucifixes, the Jewish kippa or the Muslim Hijab.… Read More

By Don Hutchinson I quite enjoy reading Chris Selley’s writing because he makes me think. That’s what good writing is supposed to do. Thinking, however, doesn’t necessarily result in agreement. Mr. Selley’s September 5 commentary Keeping religions (and atheism) out of public schools is precisely the kind of reasoning one would expect from a self-declared… Read More

By Don Hutchinson Yesterday was a remarkable day in the world of Canadian societal principles and values. While I was absorbed by appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Bedford (prostitution) case, the court issued a media release noting it will hear the appeal in the Loyola High School v. Attorney General of… Read More