Reflections on TWU v. Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 4 February 2015 at More on this ongoing issue at A recent decision from the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia is a significant affirmation of religious freedom in Canada, and a victory for Trinity Western University (TWU)… Read More

By EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger Originally published 4 November 2014. Learn more on this issue at One of the reasons Canada has our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is to protect minority rights from the changing opinions of the majority. The recent reversal by the Law Society of B.C., which now refuses to… Read More

By Don Hutchinson As originally published in the National Post, January 23, 2013. Trinity Western University’s plan to add a law school to its Langley B.C. campus has sparked a firestorm of misunderstanding about religious freedom in Canada. The deans of Canada’s existing law schools have contributed to the confusion by objecting to the new… Read More

By Don Hutchinson “People who are ruled by their desires think only of themselves.” Thinking about some of the headline news stories of the past few days, I found myself reflecting on this translation of these words penned by Paul of Tarsus in a letter he wrote to friends in Rome nearly two thousand years… Read More

Guest blogger: Rick Hiemstra, Director of Research, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada On October 10, 2012, shortly before her 16th birthday, Vancouver area teen Amanda Todd took her own life – she was the victim of cyber bullying. This video, which she made shortly before she died, chronicles her nightmare, which began when, on a… Read More

A featured link in this National Post weekend homepage story (May 25-27, 2012). By Don Hutchinson Homophobia. Do you think you know what it means? I bet your neighbour thinks it means something different (and odds are you’re afraid to ask). As an evangelical Christian organization, after engaging in Ontario’s province-wide dialogue on anti-bullying legislation,… Read More

Nancy Pynch-WorthylakeSuperintendantSouth Shore Regional School Board Dear Ms. Pynch-Worthylake, According to a recent article in The Chronicle Herald (“School board going to higher power”, May 3, 12), you are currently seeking the opinion of a human rights expert regarding student William Swinimer’s T-shirt.  Mr. Swinimer’s T-shirt reads: “Life is wasted without Jesus.” As Canadian lawyers… Read More

By Don Hutchinson Remember Bart, the school bully in Little House on the Prairie? Bullying in schools and schoolyards has arguably existed since the beginnings of such institutions; but the issue seems to be receiving more airtime now than ever before. The documentary Bully hit American theatres on March 30. It chronicles the lives of… Read More