We don’t allow children to drive, vote or drink alcohol before certain legal ages, not because we want to arbitrarily restrict the actions of young people, but because it has long been accepted that there are developmental considerations to our ability to handle certain responsibilities. Yes, much of the human brain is fully developed by… Read More

EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger participated in the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Summit held by Federal Government last week in Toronto. He reflects on how the issues relate to all Canadians. The numbers are staggering: 6.6 million children under 5 dying each year around the world due to malnutrition and disease; 289,000 women dying… Read More

Guest blogger: Rick Hiemstra, Director of Research, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada On October 10, 2012, shortly before her 16th birthday, Vancouver area teen Amanda Todd took her own life – she was the victim of cyber bullying. This video, which she made shortly before she died, chronicles her nightmare, which began when, on a… Read More

By Don Hutchinson On Saturday, September 22 the funeral of a two-year old was held at the Canadian Islamic Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Most who have reported on the too short life of “Baby M” have used some form of the word “tragedy” to describe the circumstances.  If you’re not familiar with this true story,… Read More

By Don Hutchinson My previous blog has generated some lengthy comments (longer than the blog), as well as several emails and conversations, so I’ve decided to blog my response rather than add to the lengthy chain of commentary at “Needed: A groundswell of support for Canadian abortion legislation.” Interestingly, the comments, emails and conversations readily… Read More

A featured link in this National Post weekend homepage story (May 25-27, 2012). By Don Hutchinson Homophobia. Do you think you know what it means? I bet your neighbour thinks it means something different (and odds are you’re afraid to ask). As an evangelical Christian organization, after engaging in Ontario’s province-wide dialogue on anti-bullying legislation,… Read More