By Faye Sonier I’ve been a pro-life activist for six years. One of my primary files as a lawyer for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the “Life” file. Daily, I study issues like euthanasia, assisted suicide, reproductive technologies and abortion. I’m currently working on an abortion-related project that the EFC is preparing to release.… Read More

By Faye Sonier Over the last few weeks, public comment on the issue makes it apparent that there is still confusion surrounding the funding of abortion procedures in Canada. Joyce Arthur wrote a piece at where she lambasted Campaign Life Coalition’s Defund Abortion campaign; painting the protestors as naïve, uninformed activists fighting for a… Read More

By Faye Sonier Yesterday, the Vancouver and Burnaby Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs) announced that they would not appeal the court’s decision in a defamation suit they had launched against pro-choice activist Joyce Arthur. These two CPCs, like many across Canada, offer women, couples and families free assistance, such as maternity and baby clothes, childbirth classes… Read More

By Faye Sonier This morning, pro-life blogger Pat Maloney announced that she’s taking the Government of Ontario to court over its suppression of abortion data. In January 2012, the Ontario government quietly passed an amendment to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). As a result of the amendment individuals are no… Read More

By Faye Sonier Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, recently blasted media outlets for being too “balanced” in their coverage of Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s death by interviewing pro-life Canadians.  The pro-life perspective “is an extremist view,” not deserving of “legitimacy” and “does not deserve equal time or respect in Canada”… Read More

By Faye Sonier Over 15,000 pro-lifers are again expected to rally on Parliament Hill today for the annual National March for Life. Writers and bloggers will cover the event and, invariably, some will question the purpose of such events since the abortion debate ended years ago. A few will likely accuse those politicians speaking at… Read More

By Don Hutchinson This week in Ottawa has been a roller coaster for social conservatives (socons) and theological conservatives (theocons). While people who fit in those camps often find alignment with capital “C” political Conservatives, the upper case and lower case “c” distinctions are significant as many also align with Liberals and New Democrats. For… Read More

The following media release has today been issued by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada March 21, 2013 OTTAWA – “The decision made today to declare Motion M-408 as non-votable by Parliament is lamentable,” explains Faye Sonier, Legal Counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. “The motion calling on Parliament to condemn the practice of sex-selection pregnancy… Read More