Guest Post by Albertos Polizogopoulos                                                                     Trinity Western University’s bid for a Christian law school is again in the news. TWU’s proposal to create a law school was approved by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada in December. The British Columbia government then granted TWU permission to offer law degrees. Unhappy with these decisions,… Read More

By Faye Sonier I’ve been a pro-life activist for six years. One of my primary files as a lawyer for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the “Life” file. Daily, I study issues like euthanasia, assisted suicide, reproductive technologies and abortion. I’m currently working on an abortion-related project that the EFC is preparing to release.… Read More

Media Release OTTAWA –Lawyers with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (“EFC”) have joined lawyers from across the country in signing a declaration which condemns the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide. “I signed the declaration because I don’t believe that the law should change,” explains EFC Vice-President and General Legal Counsel Don Hutchinson. “Assisted suicide… Read More

By Faye Sonier Over the last few weeks, public comment on the issue makes it apparent that there is still confusion surrounding the funding of abortion procedures in Canada. Joyce Arthur wrote a piece at where she lambasted Campaign Life Coalition’s Defund Abortion campaign; painting the protestors as naïve, uninformed activists fighting for a… Read More

Guest Post: Geoffrey Trotter, Counsel for the EFC in the Carter v. Canada case. Article was originally published in Take Five. While some have characterized the majority decision in Carter as a narrow application of stare decisis to avoid dealing with the merits, a closer look reveals an important contemporary appellate endorsement of the underlying… Read More

OTTAWA – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) today released a detailed analysis of Bill 52, a provincial bill which would permit euthanasia in Quebec. In the paper, Quebec’s Bill 52: Euphemisms for Euthanasia, the EFC recommends that the elected members of Quebec’s Assemblée nationale act to stop the proposed legislation.  “The Government of Quebec is… Read More

By Faye Sonier Yesterday, the Vancouver and Burnaby Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs) announced that they would not appeal the court’s decision in a defamation suit they had launched against pro-choice activist Joyce Arthur. These two CPCs, like many across Canada, offer women, couples and families free assistance, such as maternity and baby clothes, childbirth classes… Read More

OTTAWA – Yesterday, the Quebec government released its proposal for a Charter of Quebec Values, which will severely limit religious accommodation and expression in the province, should it become law. The proposal includes such measures as banning the wearing of religious attire by public officials including large Christian crucifixes, the Jewish kippa or the Muslim Hijab.… Read More

By Faye Sonier The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada encourages its friends, affiliates and all Canadian evangelicals to join with Christians across the country for a day of prayer and fasting. This national day of prayer is taking place on Friday, September 6th, in recognition of the Quebec government’s legislative proposal to legalize euthanasia. Euthanasia and… Read More