For the past 20 years, the International Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church have united millions of Christians around the world in the spirit that Scripture commands: if one suffers, we all suffer. According to statistics at least 100 million Christians around the world face persecution daily. These Christians facing routine harassment and difficulties,… Read More

Reprinted with permission from the Nov/Dec issue of the EFC magazine Faith Today. Updated 30 November 2016. There is a majestic mountain range stretching 300 miles along southeastern British Columbia. It is stunning – a Canadian paradise of glaciers, meadows, lakes and peaks that reach to the skies. Everyone agrees it is beautiful. Everyone does… Read More

“We are honestly surprised that we have not heard more feedback from constituents on this issue, since a parliamentary report on this very subject was released earlier this week.” This statement came from an MP’s office, in response to an email from a constituent about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Right now, the federal government is… Read More

The EFC calls on Evangelicals across Canada to unite in prayer with our sisters and brothers in Europe in the wake of today’s terrorist attacks in Brussels. The following is a call to prayer issued today by the European Evangelical Alliance. What does one say when faced with such sad news from Brussels today? Should there be many words? They… Read More

Two recent EFC letters underscore how Canadian evangelical churches welcome refugees of all faiths. Churches related to the EFC’s Middle East Resettlement Initiative are “open to sponsoring anyone in need, regardless of the refugee’s religious beliefs or affiliation. As Christians, we are called in both the Old and New Testaments to welcome the stranger and,… Read More

By Harold Jantz, guest blogger Can Canada accept 200,000 refugees from the many thousands now flowing into Europe? That’s a number that’s been suggested by some. It certainly can. Our history shows we’ve been generous in the past and there’s every reason to be as hospitable again. During the post-war years from 1946 to 1952,… Read More